The Trinity Buoy Wharf Working Drawing Award 2024

Art Competition
The Trinity Buoy Wharf

The Trinity Buoy Wharf Working Drawing Award 2024 aims to explore and promote the role of drawing within architecture, design, and making processes – and is open to drawing practitioners worldwide.  As a special category within the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize exhibition it has a separate Entry Process and Selection Panel.

This Working Drawing Award aims to explore, expand and enhance our knowledge and understanding of working drawings today. It is anticipated that architects, designers, engineers, makers, planners, and scientists, amongst others, who use drawings to ideate, to plan and propose concepts, to communicate ideas and designs, and who make drawings from which something can or will be made, fabricated or constructed, will submit their drawings. 

For the Working Drawing Award, a working drawing is broadly understood to be: 

  • a drawing from which something else can or will be made; 
  • a drawing that illustrates and explains an idea as part of a process towards making, production or construction; 
  • a drawing that facilitates or documents the development of an idea; 
  • a drawing that demonstrates notation or ideation; or
  • that forms a drawn instruction to a maker. 

It is anticipated that drawings for architecture, design, engineering, and other disciplines that involve construction and making as well as within art practices, will be submitted for this award and exhibition. We anticipate receiving submissions of notational or planning drawings, drawings that relate to ideation, sketches, detail drawings, assembly drawings, and other working drawings that represent design, planning, and the communication of designs and ideas to others, for this discrete display presented alongside the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2024 exhibition. We want to explore what a working drawing is today. 

Open to: UK & International artists
Entry cost: Standard Entry: £20
Student Entry: £15
Deadline: 20th of June 2024 
Prize: £2,000

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