Art Competition
Explorers Against Extinction

ketch for Survival is a global art initiative in aid of conservation  by Explorers Against Extinction- a registered UK conservation charity. They work to recover key species and restore ecosystems.

Their annual collection of original artworks is donated by professional and celebrity artists. The collection celebrates the beauty and colour of the natural world while also raising awareness about the threats facing it, including those posed by human activity.

Diverse artworks, from oils and watercolours to sketches and street art,  exclusively feature endangered species and at-risk wild spaces.

All artwork donated to Sketch for Survival is available to purchase either through our online fundraising auction which takes place in November annually, or from our online or pop-up Affordable Art Gallery.

ALL PROCEEDS support Explorers Against Extinction projects.

Open to: UK and international artists aged 17 years and above
Entry cost: Free
Deadline: 30st of June 2024 
Prize: Exhibition opportunities London Gallery@oxo, 

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