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Felstead Art

We invite artists to submit works for our upcoming exhibition Wicked Changes IV. The exhibition will be held to our gallery space at The Trampery in Hackney Wick (13 Rookwood Way) and will run from the end of August through to the end of November 2024. We are considering artists working across a range of different mediums including painting, drawing, 2d mixed-media, sculptural, and video. The works chosen must reflect topics relevant to the area of Hackney Wick and/or East London, such as gentrification, urban redevelopment, social and environmental concerns, or any other topic relating to artists lives and the creative community in the area.

Open call deadline: 1st August 2024

Exhibition Details

Felstead Art is pleased to present Wicked Changes IV, the next edition in the exhibition series exploring how East London artists respond to current social and urban challenges. 

The much-visited narratives of change in Hackney Wick are those of redevelopment; who is involved in creating the new image of the area, and who is left behind. Each year since 2021 Felstead Art has presented a select group of artists whose works define their observations and responses to the physical and social changes in their neighbourhood. 

Hackney Wick has long been celebrated for its history of creative development and artistic exploration. The areas varied demographics have continually come together to find commonalities in how we approach the challenges of today. Concerns such as the cost of living, poverty, the environment, urban redevelopment, gentrification, and loss of creative spaces are all conflated into shared understandings and responsibilities. The steady erosion of local creative capital has shown how tangible support in creative communities is required now more than ever. 

Wicked Changes IV highlights the need to care for the artists’ voice and the need to preserve the creativity of the area. The exhibition offers insight into how artists respond to present challenges, to the new architectural languages of the area, and to how the new stakeholders in decision making have shifted the currents of creativity. 

Open to: The open call is for all artist members of the East London Art Society.
Non-members can enter if also joining the East London Art Society as a member at the same time.
Entry cost: Free
Deadline: 1st August 2024 
Prize: Opportunity to exhibit in this years Wicked Changes IV exhibition

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