Sam Dawood

British, b.1995

Through sharing my work on social media, my practice has become an observation on the escalation of social media’s effects on body image and mental health; especially for Women and People of Colour.


Dawood’s practice is an ever-evolving social commentary with a journalistic approach. Her transgressive sculptures are created with a playfulness aimed to engage viewers in accessible conversations about the censorship of bodies and the consent (or lack of consent) around their continual sexualisation. Through exposure to Reality TV in Dubai, she first became aware of the dichotomy of the representation of bodies. From prolific, normalising depictions of people having plastic surgery, to the censorship of nudity with black Sharpie in art books, she has become interested in the paradox between the portrayal of bodies (within capitalist societies benefitting from insecurity) and the apparent need to shame a body deemed “too” sexual.  Deliberately “visually appealing”, with a contrived use of millennial aesthetics proven to perform well within social media algorithms; the artworks are political acts of freedom and vulnerability, moving away from the “idealised form” seen in centuries of traditional sculpture. Dawood aims to encourage all participants to disrupt the current status quo and challenge the non-consensual sexualisation of nudity.


Dawood studied at both Central Saint Martins and Wimbledon College of Art. NOW Gallery recently commissioned a series of sculptures as part of London Craft Week 2021. Her work has been included in Rankin Creative’s exhibition The Unseen, platforming creatives who have been censored on social media, The British Library’s exhibition The Fight for Women’s Rights with Bloody Good Period and has recently collaborated with ethical fashion brand Lucy & Yak.

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