Alexandra Ramirez

Bulgarian, b.1990

Multidisciplinary artist working in illustration, design, animation, painting & murals.


Alexandra was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She studied Painting and gained her Bachelors and Masters Degree at the Academy of Art in Sofia. Alexandra also studied at the Universidad de Castilla La Mancha in Cuenca, Spain as part of her Erasmus program. During her studies she took part in numerous solo and joint exhibitions in Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, USA, Spain & more. Her original paintings are in private collections all across the world – from Sydney to London, Berlin to New York, Barcelona to Seoul. She was the youngest participant (22 back then) at the Open Call of Magdalena Jetelova who participated at the Museum of Modern Art in Olomouc, CZ with a video action artwork. She has done art residency in Berlin.


Prior to her move to the London, UK, where she lives and works now, Alexandra was focused mostly in creating large scale oil & acrylic paintings as well as interactive sculptures and video installations. In London tables turned and now she works as a professional freelance illustrator, graphic designer and animator. Alexandra has also entered the third web successfully selling some of her work as NFTs. She has not forgotten her primary art mediums and still creates original paintings and murals on commission basis. However her art now is mostly digital, creating bespoke pieces for worldwide agencies, contractors, magazines & newspapers, as well as fashion houses & independent brands.

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