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To connect, support, and promote art in East London.

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Emily Hana, in studio
The East London Art Society is a membership organisation dedicated to supporting and promoting art in East London through a comprehensive insight into the area – its artists, makers, galleries, studios, exhibitions, and events. 
Our main goals are to support both emerging and established artists, providing them with access to advice, resources, opportunities, and a platform to showcase their work. Alongside this, we strive to bring art to the wider public, helping art enthusiasts and collectors connect with both artists and useful services.
Through the society and our partners we offer a range of services, including advisory, artist career development, collection management, bespoke framing, artwork conservation and restoration, printing and digitisation, print editioning, certificates of authenticity and tags, appraisals and conservation reports, art handling and installation, logistics and transportation, and packaging and crating.
The East London Art Society saw its beginning in 2021, launched by Michael Wormack as part of Felstead Art, based in Hackney Wick. With extensive experience and passion in the art world, we are proud to be able to work with so many artists in the area, helping bring their work to a wider audience.

Subscribe for updates on artists, exhibitions, and events in East London.

Subscribe for updates on artists, exhibitions, and events in East London.


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